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Visualize and Accelerate Student Learning

Platform designed for 3D Interaction based Slides, Assignments, Lessons, Videos & Simulations, all in a single platform.
3D interactive Based Learning

3D Enabled platform designed for teaching to better visualize and explain concepts at ease. Create 3D-based Slides, Video Lessons, Assignments and Notes on the go. Adapt to both classroom and distance learning mode.

Reduce Cognitive Load

Improves Memory Retention

Drive Curiosity & Motivation

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"Perceiv Education is a unique and innovative platform for students to visualise and learn the complex concepts of Science via 3D models and their videos. With the help of different 3D tools, students not only get an approch towards the 3D technology but it also helps them to understand the difficult concepts of Science in a much more simple and better way"
Ankita Rai
Master's in Botany from BHU | Qualified CSIR NET-LS | Head of the Faculty of Biology in Yashika Science Academy | Online Educator of Biology in Bright Learning

3D Library Ready to use

Grade 8-12: Science, Math, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

3D Library ready to take a Class, Create Lesson, Design Assignment, Record Lectures and Export Diagrams.

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Flex between Classroom and Distance Learning

Whatever learning looks like this year, feel confident to switch between online and offline mode of teaching at ease. Our platform supports all teaching and learning devices available in a classroom or at home.


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