Curriculum based 3D Library from Grade 8-12

Science, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

One Platform Multiple ways to teach

The platform that supports all devices. Perceiv Education is carefully designed for teachers to easily access and share 3D-based classes with all the students. Teachers can easily switch from classroom mode to online mode and teach efficiently from a single student to a full classroom.

3D Interactive Mode

Interact with 3D models on almost any device. Ideal for online classes and offline classroom based teaching setup.

Augmented Reality Mode

Interact with 3D models in your real environment. Ideal for online classes and offline group based teaching setup.

Virtual Reality Mode

Interact and explore in virtual space and 3D model. Ideal for one on one teaching and peer to peer learning setup.

Students Testimonial

Listen to what students have to say about their experience with Perceiv Education
My experience with Perceiv Education was out of the world. Till now I could hardly imagine the structure of a DNA. But now I know what the structure looks like and what their parts do.
Aditya Mohan
Grade 10, Dehradoon Public School

3D Enabled Whiteboard

Designed for teaching complex topics at ease both in online class or Offline.

3D Pen tool

3D Isolate Object

3D Drag Object

3D Slicer Tool

3D Highlighter

3D Navigation

Create 3D Lessons & Notes

Create 3D
Lessons & Notes

Upload any PDF Lesson Slides and convert them into 3D interactive content form our comprehensive library.

Upload Slides

Customize 3D


Insert 3D Models

Add 3D Annotation

QR Sharing

Create 3D Lessons & Notes
Record Class and Broadcast Live Classes

Record Class and Broadcast Live Classes

Inbuilt Screen recorder and broadcasting tool to generate video content and take live classes using any conferencing tool.

Live Screenshare

Record Classes

Export Videos

Export PNGs and Gifs

Integrate 3D to Video, Quiz & Assignment

Integrate 3D
to Video, Quiz & Assignment

Embed 3D Models to your Assignment, Video Lectures & Quizzes. Enable 3D interactions for students to explore.

3D Embedded Quiz

3D Assignment

3D Embedded Video

3D Enabled Docs

Integrate 3D to Video, Quiz & Assignment



Upload and host your own 3D Content, AR Content & VR environments in few clicks. Easy to Share and Track within and out of your organization.


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