Online Classes are Here to Stay! What Will Happen Next?

Online Classes are Here to Stay! What Will Happen Next?

COVID-19 pandemic has forced every sector to reconsider their conventional methods and find novel ways to move the needle in this new normal! Technology has played a significant role in reshaping every industry during this unforeseen time, including education! Ever since the governments around the world forced students and teachers alike to study/work from home overnight, academia has faced many challenges! However, with the virus spreading around like wildfire, this decision came as a boon. 

On the flip side, adjusting to the new normal has been strenuous for both pupils and educators. Out of many negative impacts on the education system that this pandemic has had so far, the worst few, from a technological point-of-view, are the unpreparedness of teachers and students for online education and inaccessibility to the digital world. 

While inaccessibility to the digital world is due to the minimum or no access to the internet and computer/laptops to work on, unpreparedness is caused by the lack of tech knowledge of students and teachers. Research shows that plenty of teachers take their classes over Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom. 

While they offer great ways to connect for corporates, these applications are not ideal for student-teacher time. Now more than ever, online learning is leading to building communication gaps between a student and their teacher, mainly due to low engagement and interactivity, owing to these unfit applications. In fact, according to a survey conducted by back in April of this year, almost two-thirds of graduates and undergraduates find it hard to connect with their instructors.

For this reason, academia must explore other tech ways to make online classes more interactive — academia needs to move away from conventional methods of STEM learning, live classrooms, and so on — because this new normal is here to stay with us for a while. And that is where the advanced innovative immersive learning methods come into the picture.

Research shows that immersion through artificial intelligence (AI) has a strong influence on learning activities. In addition, immersive learning methods, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), offer students new ways of improving their soft skills

Studies show that Immersive learning methods can help students:

  • Understand the subject better
  • Explore unreachable places
  • Accept failure and build on grit and perseverance
  • Be motivated and interested in learning
  • Boost confidence levels and overcome anxiety
  • Understand the real-world better
  • Be empathetic and compassionate 

Therefore, edtech companies are adapting their business models quickly to keep pace with the quick changes around them. The pandemic has provided all the more reason for people in the academia sector worldwide to think outside the box, and immersive technology is the key!


Considering all these reasons, the intelligent minds at are offering an ultimate learning experience, a platform that can instantly provide an upgrade for your online and offline classroom. It combines the richness of AR and VR to offer every student and teacher a powerful solution to their learning and teaching woes. With this tool in your hands, you can build, customize, manage ultimate content for your students who can, in turn, run the content out of any device — VR/AR headsets, laptops, PC and even mobile devices! 

To conclude,

The world is rapidly changing around us. And as every sector around us is becoming resilient during these trying times, it is in our hands to push the education sector to the next level! And to achieve that feat, one must adapt to the new reality – VR and AR. Through these immersive technologies, students can view the world with a different set of eyes, making learning fun and enjoyable!, with their offering to the world of education, has found a way to keep the students at the edge of their chair as they explore their favourite field of study in a new and exciting way!  

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