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This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) applies to the Perceiv website, or any of the Perceiv mobile applications (collectively the “Perceiv Materials”), owned and operated by “Perceived Design Pvt Ltd.,” “Perceiv,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). In this Privacy Policy, “you” refers to an Educator Perceiv User (defined below) of the Perceiv Materials in the event that an individual Perceiv licenses is used (e.g. Silver, Gold, or Platinum) or the Institution (e.g. School or District), as context may require.


Table of Contents: 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Definitions
  3. What type of information do we collect? 
  4. Does Perceiv share information with third parties?
  5. How does Perceiv protect information you provide to us?
  6. Data Ownership
  7. Newsletters
  8. Accounts provided to you as part of a School or District License
  9. How you can access, change, or delete personally identifiable information?
  10. How to Contact Us?


We have created this Privacy Policy to tell you what information the Perceiv Materials collect, how we use that information, and who we will share that information with, if at all. Where our privacy practices for students differ from our practices compared to those of an Educator Perceiv User (defined below), we mention it separately. 

Use of the Perceiv Materials is subject to this Privacy Policy, the Perceiv Terms and Conditions, and any applicable separate agreement signed between Perceiv and you. 

This Privacy Policy does not address the privacy practices of any third parties that we do not own, control, or are affiliated with, even if the Perceiv Materials provide links to those third parties. 

Perceiv takes privacy seriously. Perceiv is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.

Perceiv has reaffirmed its commitment to privacy, by signing Pledge 2020.


For purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions apply: 

  1. Educator Perceiv Users” An Educator Perceiv User is a single, named, person of legal age who can enter into a contract in the state or country in which the Perceiv User resides and in no case, are under the age of 18, and who is not a student (i.e. they can be a teacher or administrator). An Educator Perceiv User may be the individual who purchases an individual license, or an authorized user of an Institution’s account.

    If you are a holder of a Perceiv Enterprise Edition account, for commercial purposes, then these Terms, to the extent applicable, apply to you too.


  2. Institution” means a school, district, college, university or other education institution or education agency that adopts or uses the Perceiv Materials.


  3. Personal Information” means personal information of a particular User as defined by applicable law.


  4. “Student Perceiv Users” are users who access the participation portion of the Perceiv Materials by entering a code provided by the Educator Perceiv User and accessing the lesson materials via but do not have an end-user account; or (for Institution accounts only) upon affirmative consent from the Institution’s administrator associated with the Perceiv Materials, student account functionality may be enabled


  5. Terms and Conditions” mean the Perceiv Terms and Conditions for the Perceiv Materials.


  6. User” means an end-user of the Perceiv Materials.


  7. Capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy will have the meaning set forth in our Terms and Conditions

What type of information do we collect? 

The type of information Perceiv collects depends on whether you’re accessing the Perceiv Materials by visiting our website and/or app, have an account, or are accessing the Perceiv Materials as a student.

  1. Website Visitors. For individuals who visit the Perceiv website but do not fill out an online form, contact us, or create (or have previously created) an account, we automatically collect IP address, a device identifier, and other non-personally identifiable information. For example, we may receive information from your device when you use Perceiv, including, but not limited to: the duration of time you spend on Perceiv, the type of device you’re using, the version of the Perceiv application on mobile devices, device event information like crashes, hardware settings, date and time information, and actions performed by you while visiting our website or application. Our website uses cookie technology (e.g. Google Analytics ). Users and Institutions may implement browser controls to block and delete Perceiv’s use of cookies, pixels and similar technologies; however, such actions may prevent or impair required functionality and use of the Perceiv Materials. 
  2. STUDENT LESSON JOIN: To avoid the use of marketing cookies or similar technologies for our Student Perceiv Users, students should access the Perceiv Materials through the following landing page:
  3. Account Holders & those who voluntarily provide information to Perceiv. In addition to the data collected for our Website Visitors, if you voluntarily provide additional information to us by registering for an account, filling out an online form found on our website, or voluntarily providing us your information at a conference, we may collect additional information from you. For example, in addition to the items in the previous section you may be asked to provide some basic information such as your first and last name, email address, school, password, role, and a profile photo (optional). Additionally, Educator Perceiv Users have the option to create their own content on the Perceiv Materials, which Perceiv will store, process, and use solely for providing the Perceiv Materials to you. In HTML emails that we may send you, we may use technical methods for a number of purposes, including determining whether you have opened or forwarded those emails and/or clicked on any links in those e-mails. These technical methods may enable us to collect and use information in a form that is personally identifiable.


 You can review Google’s Privacy Policy here; and update or revoke your Google Permissions here.

  1. Students. We empower educators and Institutions to decide how students engage with the Perceiv Materials. 
  1. Student Accounts. For Institution account holders, the administrator of the account has the ability to enable the creation and rostering of student accounts (each a “Student Account”). If an Institution opts in to this functionality (the default configuration is to opt-out), the following information shall be collected from students in addition to the information listed in 4(a), above (except for tracking and marketing cookies): First Name, Last Name, Email Address, the name of the Institution that the student belongs to, reference account number, and profile photo (optional). For non-Institution accounts, we do not offer the option to create a student account. 
  2. No Student Accounts. For those users with Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts and those Institution accounts where the admin opts out of the student account feature there is a participation portion of our Perceiv Materials wherein teachers and educators can share an alphanumeric code with their students to “join” a lesson. For identification to the teacher, we recommend students enter a first name and last initial, or a nickname, when accessing a Perceiv presentation. If you opted in to Perceiv’s verified names feature, then a student’s name (as shown on the applicable identity provider) and a reference account number will be provided to us. Furthermore, if an Institution chooses to assign lessons found in the Services to Student Users through a third-party learning management system (LMS), the student name (as shown on the LMS) together with a reference account number will be collected during that session.
  3. All Student Perceiv Users. In addition to the information that is collected from all website visitors, and the data listed in section c(2) or c(3), respectively, Perceiv will also collect all student-generated data and content that is created as a result of a student’s interaction with the platform. Some lessons will also have an interactive feature that allows students to record audio and, depending on the device used, to take photos of themselves to be uploaded onto the platform; which can subsequently only be viewed by their teacher, any Perceiv account administrator associated with the teacher account, and the other students who were given access by the Educator Perceiv User, and who joined that lesson. Finally, if a Student Perceiv User elects to save any of their notes upon completion of a lesson by emailing them to him or herself, the email will be collected in order to generate and send the email containing the notes. If you are a parent or guardian or teacher and believe that your child or student has provided Perceiv with personally identifiable information by creating an account, you should notify us at so that we may delete the information from our servers. 
  1. Payment Information. When a customer (either teacher or an Institution on behalf of its educators) purchases the Perceiv Materials, Perceiv will collect information needed to process the order, including order details, name, institution name and address (if applicable), email address, phone number, billing address, credit/debit card information, and any instructions. Payment data submitted by the customer will be disclosed to the customer’s financial institution and Perceiv’s payment processing vendor for the purpose of processing payment for the Perceiv Materials ordered. 

Basis for Processing Information: 

Authorization is given to Perceiv and its processors to collect, process and otherwise handle Personal Information under this Privacy Policy and the Perceiv Terms and Conditions when an Educator Perceiv User or Institution purchases the Perceiv Materials, as well as when an Educator Perceiv User establishes an end-user account and registers to use the Perceiv Materials.

Further authorization is given to collect, process, and otherwise handle Personal Information of a Student Perceiv User under this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions when an Educator generates an access code through use of the Perceiv Materials and provides the access code to a Student Perceiv User or when an Institution elects to opt in to Student Accounts.  Educator Perceiv Users and their Institutions are responsible to obtain any additional legally required consents for Student Perceiv Users. 


Personal Information may be transmitted, stored, and processed in a country other than the one in which the User resides, or the Institution is located. The authorization for Perceiv to collect, process and otherwise handle Personal Information under this Privacy Policy includes authorization for the User’s Personal Information to be transferred and stored in countries outside of their residence, which may include the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as any country where the Educator or Institution may be located or the User may visit.


Does Perceiv share information with third parties?

All accounts and users.

Perceiv shares the information it collects, including Personal Information, with its third-party sub-processors in order to provide the services to you.  Perceiv shall ensure that a contract is in place between it and any third-party entity or agent that participates in an onward transfer of personally identifiable information. The contracts specify that such personally identifiable information may only be processed for limited and specified purposes consistent with the consent provided by the individual, applicable laws, and that the recipient will provide the same level of protection as stated in this Privacy Policy. Perceiv remains liable for the acts and omissions of its third-party agents. These sub-processors are used to provide hosting services of User data, improve our offerings, advise Educator Perceiv Users of new offerings, and to provide you with the best possible experience on Perceiv. 

A list of these sub-processors will be provided upon request to

We may also share your personally identifiable information with law enforcement officials, or other third-parties, when we are compelled to do so legal procedure. If there is a separate agreement in place with an Institution, and the terms of that agreement require notice to them of the governmental request for information, such notice will be given (so long as legally permitted to do so). If there is no separate agreement, then no notice will be given to the affected User. 

In addition, we may share personally identifiable information if we believe in good faith that the disclosure of such information is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, as permitted by applicable law, to report suspected illegal activity, to investigate violations of our Terms and Conditions or to the extent necessary to meet national security requirements.

For teachers and other administrative educators only (i.e. not for students), Perceiv and Perceiv Materials may offer conversation pages, chat rooms, social community environments, profile pages, as well as other interactive features in which you may provide us with your submissions. If you provide personally identifiable information when you use any of these features, that personal information shall be posted on the Perceiv Materials. You are responsible for your communications and are responsible for the consequences of their posting. Further, during the registration process, Perceiv will ask you to create a “username” to be used to access your account and Perceiv features, and Perceiv Materials. Should you choose to post to the Perceiv Materials, make comments, give feedback, or provide us with other types of submissions (“collectively, “Submissions”), Perceiv may use your username to identify or credit you as the source of such Submissions.

Perceiv may use and disclose Personal Information, as authorized by an Institution or by an applicable governmental educational agency or authority, for administrative, audit and evaluation purposes, such as to evaluate the educational efficacy and effectiveness of the Perceiv Materials.


Accounts provided to you as part of a School or District License.

Perceiv uses the Personal Information to deliver the Perceiv Materials for educational purposes. In delivering the Perceiv Materials, Perceiv may provide and disclose Student Perceiv User Personal Information to the Student User’s Educator and Institution and as otherwise directed by the Institution or the Educator. Educators and Institutions may export grade book information and other Course Data from the Services for the purpose of maintaining educational records. Perceiv may also provide and disclose Educator User Personal Information to the Educator’s Institution. 

If your Perceiv Educator User Account was provided to you by your Institution, then your account may be managed by a school or district administrator who may have access to all of your Perceiv account information including – but not limited to – all your presentations and reports (including any student information associated with your account). In addition, your school or district administrator may be able to:

  1. Change your password.
  2. Suspend or terminate access to your account.
  3. View statistics regarding the use of your account.
  4. Access, delete, or copy your presentations and reports and any other information stored as part of your account.

Additionally, if you register as an Education Perceiv User using an email address owned by your Institution of employment, your account may subsequently be added to the Institution’s account, in the event that the Institution purchases the Perceiv Materials and asks that all current users whose email is under the Institution’s domain be added. 

Other Circumstances

Personal Information collected under this Privacy Policy may be (i) disclosed or used with the User’s consent, or (ii) if we sell or otherwise transfer part or all of our business or assets to another organization, such as in the course of an acquisition, merger, bankruptcy, or liquidation, we may transfer your personally identifiable information. In such an event, we will endeavor to require the buyer or transferee to agree to our commitments provided in this Privacy Policy. Notice of such transfer may be provided in accordance with our Terms and Conditions or via a public press release. This notice may be given either before or after the transfer occurred, in our sole discretion. Should user information be transferred to a third-party, said user may request the third-party to delete the information.  

Perceiv will not use any personally identifiable information to advertise or market third-party services to its users and does not sell or rent such information. 

Marketing tools are not present in the student facing, participation portion of the platform. 

How does Perceiv protect information you provide to us?

We have implemented and maintain information technology security measures designed to protect personally identifiable information from unauthorized disclosure to or access by a third-party. Your account and associated information are protected by a password, which you should keep secret at all times. We encrypt password information stored in our databases. Additionally, all interactions with Perceiv’s application are encrypted in transit with TLS 1.2 grade encryption or better. Although we make concerted efforts to protect personally identifiable information and maintain security, it is not 100% guaranteed. 

Outages, attacks, unauthorized use, or other factors may compromise the security of user information at any time. In the event of a security breach of your data, we will notify you by posting on the Perceiv website or notifying you by email using the email address on your account. 

Data Ownership

The Perceiv account owner is the owner of any data, including student content, submitted through the Perceiv Materials. Perceiv retains a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, sublicensable and transferable right to use, publish, display, modify, and copy anonymized Content solely for the purpose of providing the Perceiv Materials and services to you. For the avoidance of doubt, such anonymized content shall not include any personally identifiable information.


Perceiv may offer email newsletters to the user in charge of implementing Perceiv. By registering for Perceiv, you may receive occasional emails about your account or about updates to the platform. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time by contacting We will respond to all requests promptly but no later than 14 days.

How you can access, change, or delete personally identifiable information?

Deletion of data. Perceiv will store the information you provide to us for so long as you have an account with Perceiv or when you inform us in writing that the data are no longer necessary to complete the purpose for which they were collected, whichever is later. Please contact to delete your account by using the email associated with the Perceiv Materials. We will respond to all requests promptly but no later than 14 days. If your Educator Perceiv Account is part of a school or district account managed by an Institution administrator, then the request should be made to the Institution administrator to delete the account. 

Accessing and correcting personal information. You can contact us to access or correct any personally identifiable information that we have collected from you by sending an e-mail to Please include your username and e-mail address so that we can better assist you with your inquiry or request. Please be advised that: (i) requesting the removal of, or not providing personally identifiable information may result in the termination, removal, or blocking of your account, registration, or access to the Perceiv Materials; and (ii) changing personally identifiable information may affect your use of the Perceiv Materials including the correctness of any results. Once you request a change of your personally identifiable information or your account, we can give you no assurances that such information or account may be retrieved or reopened in the future. We will respond to all requests promptly but no later than 14 days. 

Institution deletion of data. For Institution users, if an Institution account ceases to exist, the individual teacher accounts will be disassociated with the master account and downgraded to a Perceiv Silver account. Any lessons stored in the user’s “My Library” will be deleted if they take up more than the allocated storage space provided to Silver users. Additionally, all student reports associated with lessons will be deleted. Additionally, Institution account administrators have the ability to impersonate an individual Educator Perceiv User account under their master account and are able to download the reports if the teacher user is no longer a member of the school or district. 

How to Contact Us

You can contact us with any questions by sending an email to 

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